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Policies, Forms, Guidelines

Publication Policies

The following are intended to assist individuals developing manuscripts and manuscript proposals for publication using ARIC data. For more information on obtaining access to ARIC data, please visit our Obtain/Submit Data page.

Publications Committee Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month. Manuscript proposals are due the Wednesday before at 12:00 Noon ET.

Please send all Manuscript Proposals to, and all Manuscripts to

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NIH-NHLBI Public Access Brochure 09/22/2011 PDF
ARIC Policy on Datasets for Reproducing Results 01/16/2019 PDF
Surveillance Workshop - Session One - Manuscript Development 09/22/2020 PDF
Surveillance Workshop - Session Two - Data Analytic Issues 09/22/2020 PDF
Acknowledgement Statements 03/02/2022 PDF
Using ARIC Cancer Data 06/27/2023 PDF
Manuscript Proposal Form 09/27/2023 Manuscript Proposal Form
ARIC Publication Guidelines and Procedures 06/04/2024 PDF