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Current and Archived Visit Documents

We make our clinic visit documents publicly available, going all the way back to the start of ARIC. These tables also serve as a quick visual reference as to what study aspects were recorded when, from visit to visit. Please see our Project Overview page for corresponding visit dates.

For archived visits, the QxQ documents are included within the form file as one PDF. Code Books are released when the visit is closed.

Endpoint surveillance documents for the cohort and community study are on our Surveillance Data Collection page.

You can left click the individual Visit columns to sort by documents used at that visit. Right clicking the Visit column will collapse and reopen it.

Form Code Title Current QXQ Visit 1 Visit 2 Visit 3 Visit 4 Visit 5 Visit 6 Visit 7 Visit 8 Visit 9 Visit 10 Visit 11 Visit 12
Visit Exam Checklists
Biospecimen Bi-weekly Shipping and Receiving Forms
Actigraph Instruction Sheet
Biospecimen Reconciliation Form
AAO AAO Over-Reader Data Collection Form
AAT AAA Technologist Data Collection Form
ACC Accelerometry QxQ
ALC Alcohol Use
AMH Personal and Family Medical History
ANT Anthropometry QxQ
AQC Access and Quality of Care
ATF Alert Tracking
ATM Alert Tracking - MRI
BIO Biospecimen Collection QxQ
BIO11 Biospecimen Collection Form QxQ
BMR MRI Report and Referral - Brain QxQ
CDI Clinical Dementia Rating Informant Interview
CERT Certification/Activation Tracking Form QxQ
CES Depression QxQ
CEST Depression for Telephone
CGMR Continuous Glucose Monitoring-Sensor Initialization and Return Form QxQ
CIU Contact Information Update QxQ
CNF Cognitive Function
DCF NCS Diagnostic Classification QxQ
DHS Dental History
DLC DLCO Management
DLR DLCO Reading Center Form
DSR Dental Screening
DTI Dietary Intake
ECA Echocardiography Alerts Notification
FBI Fitbit Initialization Form QxQ
FBT Fitbit Support Log QxQ
FHX Family History
FTR Fasting/Tracking
GTA Oral Glucose Tolerance Administration
GTS Oral Glucose Tolerance Screening Version B
GTS Oral Glucose Tolerance Screening Version A
HEF Household Enumeration
HHI Hearing Handicap Inventory for Elderly QxQ
HIS Hachinski Ischemic Scale
HMT Hematology
HNE Self-Reported Hearing and Noise Exposure
HNES Self-Reported Hearing and Noise Exposure Short Form QxQ
HOM Home Interview (for occupation codes see Derive13 Dictionary)
HPA Health and Life Profile: Part A
HPB Health and Life Profile: Part B
HPC Health and Life Profile (Spielberger Trait Anger Scale)
ICTX Informed Consent Tracking Form QxQ
IDN Identification
INF Inflammation Interview
IVF PET Imaging Visit QxQ
LMR MRI Report and Referral - Local QxQ
LSR Lung Sound Reviewer Form
MAE Minor Adverse Event QxQ
MEF MRI Exclusion Form
MHQ Medical History Questionnaire
MHX Health/Medical History
MPC MRI Procedure Completion QxQ
MPR MRI Procedure (Forsyth and Jackson)
MQS MRI Vascular Lab Quality Scores
MRE MRI Recruitment and Eligibility QxQ
MRR MRI Report and Referral
MRT MRI Repeatability Tracking
MRV MRI Report and Referral - Vascular
MSC MRI Screening
MSR Medication Survey QxQ
NFH Neurologic Family History
NHX Neurological History QxQ
NPI Neuropsychiatric Inventory Questionnaire QxQ
OIT Observation of Interviewing Techniques QxQ
PAC Physical Activity QxQ
PAQ Physical Ability Questionnaire
PEX Physical Exam Form
PFX Physical Function Tests QxQ
PHE Physical Examination Form
PHT Phantom QxQ
PHX Personal History Form
PNE Physical and Neurological Exam
PRE PET Recruitment and Eligibility QxQ
PRO Procedure Completion Form
PSA Participant Safety Screening QxQ
PSD Participant Sleep Diary QxQ
PSI Psychosocial Wellbeing Closest Support Person Contact Information QxQ
PSQ Psychosocial Wellbeing Closest Support Person Questionnaire QxQ
PWP Psychosocial Wellbeing Participant Interview QxQ
PWV Pulse Wave Velocity / Ankle-Brachial Index Data Sheet Form & QxQ
PWX V8 Psychosocial Wellbeing Proxy Interview QxQ
QCR Quality Control (QC) Recordings Tracking Log (QCR) QxQ
RARX Results and Alert Reporting QxQ
REF Report and Referral
REX Retinal Examination
RHX Reproductive History
RPA Physical Activities/Respiratory Symptoms
RPN Retinal Pathology Notification Form
RSE Respiratory Questionnaire
RSX Respiratory Questionnaire QxQ
RTS Recruitment Tracking and Scheduling QxQ
RTST NCG Telephone - Recruitment Tracking and Scheduling for Telephone Form QxQ
RVF Repeat Visit ID Form
SAE Serious Adverse Event QxQ
SBP Sitting Blood Pressure QxQ
SEF Sleep Equipment Form QxQ
SES Socioeconomic Status
SMF Subjective Memory Form
SRT Stage 2 and 3 Reports Tracking
TIA TIA/Stroke
TME Two Minute Walk Eligibility QxQ
TMW Two Minute Walk QxQ
TSR TIA/Stroke Summary
UPD Update
UPR Unanticipated Problem Form QxQ
VEN Laboratory (Venipuncture and Urine)
VIT Vitamin Survey
ZGM Zeno Gait Mat QxQ