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We're here to help.

Please refer to the information below to find the best contact for your needs.

For Participants:

Please contact your local study site.

Minneapolis, MN

Clinic Coordinator
  • Kathryn Hiolski
    Kathryn Hiolski
(612) 624-8914
Jackson, MS

Clinic Coordinator
  • Stacee Naylor
    Stacee Naylor
(601) 815-8423
Winston-Salem, NC

Clinic Coordinator
  • Catrina McDaniel
    Catrina McDaniel
(336) 716-1658
Hagerstown, MD

Clinic Coordinator
  • Melissa Minotti
    Melissa Minotti
(301) 791-1847

For Researchers:


For questions about CDART, training, website access and protocols, contact the ARIC Help Desk at

Please refer to the following guidelines for Help Desk requests.

  • Kinue Beugre
    Kinue Beugre
  • Landis Wipper
    Landis Wipper
  • Anna Wickenheisser
    Anna Wickenheisser
  • Miranda Wootton
    Miranda Wootton

Please use this email for ARIC manuscript proposal submissions.

Once approved, please reference the ARIC MS# (####) in your communication.

Ancillary Studies

Please use this email for ARIC ancillary study proposal submissions and updates regarding your approved ancillary study that the ARIC CC should know.

Please reference the ARIC AS# (YYYY.##) in your communication.


Please use this email for questions about laboratory QC.

Additional ARIC Contacts at the UNC Collaborative Studies Coordinating Center

David Couper
David Couper, PhD

Principal Investigator, ARIC

Wayne Rosamond
Wayne Rosamond, PhD

Principal Investigator, ARIC Surveillance

Kim Ring
Kim Ring, MPH

Project Director, ARIC

Sheila Burgard
Sheila Burgard, MS

Statistician, ACHIEVE and ARIC Neurocognitive Study

Lisa Gravens-Mueller
Lisa Gravens-Mueller, MS

Statistician, ACHIEVE and ACHIEVE MRI

Placeholder Male Colleague
David Li, MS

Statistician, ACHIEVE-BHFU

Allison Ng
Allison Ng, MS

Statistician, ARIC Neurocognitive Study and ACHIEVE

Placeholder Female Colleague
Megan Nguyen, BSPH

Statistician, ARIC Neurocognitive Study and Imaging

James Pike
James Pike, MBA

Statistician, ARIC Neurocognitive Study

Placeholder Female Colleague
Lisa Reeves, MSc

Statistician, ARIC Follow-up and Surveillance

Arielle Valint
Arielle Valint, MS

Statistician, ARIC and Ancillary Studies

Liz Bradshaw
Liz Bradshaw, DVM MPH

Communications Specialist, ARIC

Kiersten Little
Kiersten Little, MSW MPH

Research Specialist, ARIC, Ancillary Studies, and ACHIEVE

Placeholder Female Colleague
Allison McGee, BS

Research Specialist, ARIC Surveillance

Mirela Scott
Mirela Scott, BA

Research Specialist, Data Management

Placeholder Female Colleague
Pingping Wu, MAEd

Research Specialist, ARIC Surveillance, Follow-Up, and CMS

Kinue Beugre
Kinue Beugre, MPA

Research Specialist, ARIC

Kelley Reeves
Kelley Reeves, BA

Research Specialist, ARIC and ACHIEVE

Jordan Darden
Jordan Darden, BSPH

Research Assistant, ARIC

Landis Wipper
Landis Wipper, MPH

Research Assistant, ARIC and ACHIEVE

Anna Wickenheisser
Anna Wickenheisser, BS

Research Assistant, ARIC

Miranda Wootton
Miranda Wootton, BA

Research Assistant, ARIC

Becky Green
Becky Green, MSW

Project Manager, ACHIEVE