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Ancillary Studies Description

Ancillary Studies

Medical science has advanced greatly since ARIC began in 1987, and we have remained both a cornerstone of cardiovascular research and a bridge to other areas of clinical study.

Additional research questions have been asked that have led to new studies and investigations using ARIC data and/or added voluntary involvement by our participants.

Almost 300 ancillary studies have been funded to date and these studies are continuing to provide valuable information and answer important questions. Since ARIC began in 1987, the study has contributed to the foundation of cardiovascular disease epidemiology and the decades of high quality data provide a bridge to other areas of clinical study. Some recent examples include studying genetic markers associated with heart failure to help identify possible targets for new medicines, trying to understand why individuals with cancer appear to age faster, and the relationships between the microbes in our gut and problems with our memory and thinking as we age.

Ancillary Study Policies

The following are intended to assist researchers developing proposals for Ancillary Studies. For more information on obtaining access to ARIC data, please visit our Obtain/Submit Data page.

Ancillary Study Proposals must be submitted EIGHT WEEKS prior to the grant submission date.

Title Date Sort ascending View
ARIC Biospecimen Approval and Distribution Policy 06/14/2023 PDF
Ancillary Studies Review Protocol 04/14/2023 PDF
Ancillary Studies Proposal Form 04/04/2023 DOCX
Ancillary Studies Reviewer List 10/19/2022 PDF
Ancillary Studies Review Form 10/19/2022 PDF
Ancillary Studies Policy 06/12/2022 PDF
ARIC Ancillary Study Data and Tracking 09/17/2020 PDF
ARIC Data Sharing Policy on Geocode Data 08/07/2020 PDF
Third Party Agreement Guidelines 03/19/2020 PDF
ARIC Ancillary Study Review Policy 12/20/2018 PDF